What do you envision for Division? Public comment sought

The Michigan Department of Transportation has begun a Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) process for the roughly one mile of Division St. from 14th St. north to Grandview Parkway. This Tuesday the public is invited to provide feedback on how it envisions a new Division to act. There will be a review of the constraints, traffic information, and, importantly, comment taken on the draft Purpose and Need statement.


As a City Commissioner and a representative on the PEL Committee, I’ll be evaluating the process against the values I’ve repeatedly heard from residents: The need for Division St. to serve more than just moving cars and trucks at high speeds and volumes through the City. A new Division St. needs to meet other community needs as well.

  • Increased Safety–For all users traveling along and across, as well as for residents living next to it.
  • High quality–Adds to a sense of place and economic opportunity for the City.
  • Accessibility–A design that elevates the importance of destinations on Division, accessed by multiple modes of transportation.
  • Context–A Division St. that fits into the urban fabric of its context, a mixed use neighborhood of residents and businesses.

The basic goal is improved quality of life for the people living and doing business along the Division St. corridor. Previous goals for Division, drafted by a Division Street Committee in 2011, can be found online here and other voices here.

Below is the Draft Project Purpose and Need, to be presented to the public this Tuesday December 9. If you have a vision for Division, and something to add to the purpose and need, please plan on dropping in sometime between 4-7 pm.

Purpose (Draft):  

The purpose of the US31/M-37 (Division Street) Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) is to improve safety and operations for all users of this designated  National Highway System route while minimizing negative impacts to the  natural environmental and adjoining properties and enhancing positive benefits  to the neighborhoods, parks, businesses, and all users of the corridor.  

This Planning and Environmental Linkages process addresses Division Street  between Grandview Parkway and 14th Street and will:  

  • Create a plan that accommodates the many interests of its users (drivers,  
  • Create a plan that reflects the context of Traverse City and the urban setting  
  • Provide improved operations along Division Street  
  • Provide for traffic calming and complete streets design elements where  
  • Improve non-motorized mobility within the corridor  
  • Minimize impacts on the natural environment  

Need (Draft):  

  • Improve opportunities for pedestrians, assisted device users, and bicyclists to  cross Division Street
  • Improve traffic mobility and operations
  • Decrease crashes along the corridor

If you can’t make the meeting, you can send comments to MDOT through the project page or by emailing Patty ODonnell, ODonnellP@michigan.gov.

What do you envision for Division?

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