Ceremony for Historic Anishinaabek Sidewalk Marking


Traverse City, MI – Friday, October 24th at Noon at Traverse City’s Clinch Park, an Anishinaabek (American Indian) ceremony along with Traverse City Officials will take place in recognition of a newly installed pavement marking along the recently constructed historic sidewalk.


“This is a modest recognition and it carries a lot of weight,” said Gary Howe, Traverse City Commissioner. “As a community, we need to honor our complete history with a mindful awareness of Anishinaabek contributions and presence.”

In December 2013, the Traverse City Commission was approached by concerned Anishinaabek citizens regarding the sidewalk which highlighted the park’s history. Absent from the markers was the recognition of the park’s area which was once used by the Odawa and Ojibwe (Ottawa and Chippewa) people in the 1700’s. The Historic sidewalk begins with 1852 and ends at 2013. Last week, pavement markings were installed in recognition of the Anishinaabek and recognizing their early settlement back to 1700.

“This collaborative effort between the City of Traverse City, both staff and commissioners, working with local Anishinaabek citizens is historic as it rightfully respects all our Ancestors and future generations. It is encouraging to see the effort made for the inclusion of our Anishinaabek history that predates the City of Traverse City and the state of Michigan,” said Derek J. Bailey, an Odawa citizen.

The ceremony will consist of a blessing, Anishinaabe (Native American) drum honor song, and words from a local Odawa historian. All are welcome to attend.

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