Smart Commute Week: How are You Getting Around?

Happy Smart Commute Week! The week-long celebration to recognize our transportation choices and to embrace the freedom in getting from point A to point B with a little less motor is here.

The simplest way to participate is putting one step in front of the other all the way to work or the nearest transit stop. Not far behind is starting the day in perfect balance on two wheels. And, if circumstance calls for it, strapping into the driver’s seat, driving responsibly, and, preferably, picking-up a commuter companion along the way. Bonus, park a half-mile away from work and get in a daily walk!

TART Trails has been the lead host of the event for 20 years and they’ve partnered with area businesses and organizations to provide free breakfasts each morning. Monday’s breakfast is sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield at The Towne Plaza from 7-9am. Check out TART Trails schedule of events online to plan the rest of the week, including a bike rodeo for the kids and a Bike in Movie, both next Saturday.

By the numbers

I’ve become a bit compulsive about tracking my modes choices. I make a point to walk or bike year round–I made that an primary need when I chose to buy a home. I needed to live where I could walk or bike.

My data tracking began last year when I was living without a car in the household. This year, we’ve been a one car household since the New Year and as expected, my miles driven has gone up–about 9%–not that much actually. Practice without a car had an impact.

Here’s how my modeshare looks over the past five months. It includes all trips, not just commutes to work.


It’s amazing how many daily destinations are within 2 miles and, once you get used to it, an easy walk or bike away.

What does your modeshare look like? How are you getting around this week? This year?

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