Coming to terms with TC’s success

The City is getting closer to a wrap-up of the latest round of action directed at events and festivals. Remaining on the agenda is a probable fee increase and some managerial changes. The details will be discussed this Friday at 2pm at the Parks and Public Land Use and Noise ad hoc meeting. A change to the noise ordinance appears to have lost steam, but it may yet still be discussed.

Rusted Root at TC Wine & Art Festival, 2012

Rusted Root at TC Wine & Art Festival, 2012

Yesterday, Bridge Magazine added another article to the mix, “Traverse City splits over festival fatigue“, in attempt to articulate some of the struggles of the City in a broader context. Chiefly, how do communities respond and manage success in tourism? There is also two sidebar articles here and here.

As a commissioner, I remain committed to being open to new ideas, new events, and new opportunities. I support events and festivals not just for tourism, but because, as I’m quoted in the end of the above mentioned article, “All the activity in the last 10 years has certainly combined to add a vitality to this small city and has created opportunities and connections that weren’t there before.”

Not that much has changed over the years. Traverse City has been an attraction for both tourists and new residents for decades and what attracted people here in the early days attracts them now: A beautiful environment, opportunities, and a cultural scene that out performs its size and location off the beaten path. This is a strength.

How do we best celebrate and enhance our latest success?

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