Parks and Recreation: Goals and Objectives

The City Commission is considering a program to ask voters to approve use of a portion of the Brown Bridge Trust Fund (BBTF), a fund established from the profit of oil & gas exploration from the City owned Brown Bridge Quiet Area.  The BBTF account now sits at around $13 million. The City’s general fund receives an annual deposit from the interest income in the range $300,000. The BBTF oil & gas royalty amount also changes year to year, and over the last 10 years has averaged nearly $450,000.


Tonight is a study session to review information that has been gathered since last year and to explore the idea, and interest, with the new commission. Personally, I think this discussion is a great opportunity to create and strengthen community engagement and partnerships. You can review the agenda packet and read more in today’s Ticker.

Where to Start?

If this effort is focused on park improvements, the current five-year plan has 17 goals and subsequent objectives within each. Examples on the list include: maintain and improve existing parks, develop Performance Based Landscape guidelines, invest and establish multi-modal connections to the park system. You can view the entire goals and objectives section below: You can send a comment in below. 

Which of these goals could you champion? 

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