The county road millage: Yes? No? Maybe so?

This past week The Ticker ran an article about the upcoming County Road Commission’s millage (you can view your full ballot via The Election page).

City Commission Candidate’s were asked for our positions and I answered as follows:

I’m undecided, but I will say that I wish I wasn’t, because plenty of our region’s streets and roads are in bad shape. I would have liked to see more collaboration between the City and the County before a millage increase was sought. A coordinated effort to identify a shared corridor, like Garfield Ave., Cass St., or even Barlow St., in addition to a general maintenance program is more appetizing. The City and the County need to sit down, look at the most inefficient corridors – from an economic and accessibility standpoint – and plan together a path forward. As a region, we need to invest our limited resources where they can be the most productive and help generate increased value. From a strictly City perspective, we already spend over a million dollars a year on streets and we have plenty of room ourselves to spend that more wisely.

I really am undecided and feel the Record Eagle editorial on the topic has a lot of merit. It’s a large millage and one big question is how will the Road Commission’s new manager redefine how the road commission coordinates with the city and its citizens. Are voters ready to trust a decision making process that has for many years lacked transparency and coordination with other jurisdictions?

A strong traverse City needs improved roads and streets–certainly. Is this a step in the right direction or does it need a re-think?

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