You know what this campaign needs? Some art

The Gary Howe for TC “Get Out Your Vote” postcard is in the mail and, we trust, worthy of placement on refrigerators across the City. If you don’t receive one and would like one of these voting reminders by Glenn Wolff, please send a message to Gary or if you see him give a holler.

GHowe-GOTVoteThe inspiration for the card was the realization that a lot of potential voters are really unaware about some of the election basics.  We’ve tried to provide the needed information here on including where you can vote or when and how you can vote by absentee ballot. For the latter, you have until November 4 to apply and pick-up a ballot. After November 2, you must hand delivery your ballot to the City Clerk’s office.

Let us know if you have any questions.

See you at the polls! If you’re on Facebook, join the GH4TC election event…make November 5 one big all-day celebration.

EXTRA: A huge thank you to Glenn Wolff for his artistic contribution. There was a moment when the candidate had visions of providing the art himself…as you can see with the first draft below, the campaign made a better decision going with a pro.


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