How can you show your support for Gary Howe?

The GH4TC campaign has had a good start, but we need your help if we’re going to get an election day win on November 5.

In the coming weeks we need support from you to:

  • Knock on doors for Gary Howe. There’s an opportunity this Saturday if you’d like to come out with a group – send me a message.
  • Talk to your neighbors, co-workers, and random strangers about why the local election is important and why you’re voting for Gary Howe.
  • Share posts from A Strong Traverse City on social media networks. Is there something that has been posted here that you really agree with? Never too late to share.
  • Host a yard sign. We still have a few for distribution. Hands
  • Write letters of endorsement to the Record Eagle and the Northern Express. In the coming weeks, this will really be important as a large percentage of voters tune into the editorial pages to see who’s supporting who.

The skinny on endorsement letters

The Record Eagle’s guidelines are more strict than usual. Your political election letter is limited to less than 100 words and they also require the content to be in the body of the email, so don’t send as an attachment. Alternatively, you can use their online form.

When you send letters to either newspaper, include your telephone number and address so that they can confirm it is you that actually sent the letter — This information is not printed.

When you are ready, email your letters endorsing Gary Howe for City Commission to:

The basic outline for an endorsement letter:

Write how you know the candidate and your reasons for support based on character, knowledge, or experience working with them. It’s helpful to close with “I highly recommend Gary Howe for City Commission…” or something similar.

Thank you for your consideration. Let’s keep it up for a strong Traverse City and a victory on November 5.

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