The magic behind buttons & yard signs…are people like you

In the past few days, I’ve heard from more than handful of people that they are excited to see yard signs “popping up everywhere” and how excited they are to see me run. Thank you for the messages. As the campaign continues, I’m coming to really appreciate hearing feedback and support from all corners of the community. It’s good energy–thank you.

SignThis is an excellent time to remind everyone that yard signs don’t really magically appear, rather they happen because supporters have donated time, energy, skill, and the financial means to purchase them. I’m humbled and grateful for the overwhelming amount of support shown in the early stages of the campaign. It’s an honor to be able to do so, but I wouldn’t have that opportunity without support form the community.

Thank you to all those who have helped to date, today, and will help in the near future. Even sharing a post on Facebook or Twitter is a great way to show support.

Not everyone can give time or a large donation, however, just $1 helps the campaign move forward. $1 actually pays for four buttons​​ or four postcards or ​three postage stamps​ or …1/5th of a yard sign.

If you can spare a buck, the GH4TC Rally site is still up and the current goal is 100 donors contributing at least $1:​

If you’d like to help build a strong campaign for a strong TC in another way, send us a message via the connect page.

Again, thank you.

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