The official list of commission candidates is set

UPDATED 9/5: Changes have been made for clarification. Walkscore is not an evaluation of individual candidate’s positions on walkability. It is included here as one way to inform voters a little something about each candidate’s neighborhood. 

Below is the official list of candidates who will be appearing on this fall’s ballot. Note, two separate races, one for Mayor and the other for City Commission. The latter is a selection of up to three candidates to fill three seats. There are also write-in options available on the final ballot. Click here for resources to check if your registered and request an absentee ballot if needed.

Here is the official list as sent by the Clerk’s office, with small annotation :), including– for the fun of it–the Walkscore* for each candidate’s home address.


Candidate introduction on the Ticker published on August 21.

* Walkscore is a website that rates a location’s walkability based on proximity to community amenities like coffee shops, parks, grocery stores, bars, and community centers. The scale is out of 100, with the high-end being more walkable. The company is slowly integrating the impact of the built environment into the algorithm to have more accurate scores, so wide streets, lack of sidewalks, and speed limits are not necessarily reflected in the current score.

Increasingly, real estate agents are including Walkscores in their listings to cater to a growing demographic with a key interest in choosing walkable locations. Traverse City was recently acknowledged by the online magazine Second Wave for downtown’s high average Walkscore.

It is included here simple to tell us something about each candidate’s neighborhood. 

The Walkscore Scale

  • 90–100 Walker’s Paradise — Daily errands do not require a car.
  • 70–89 Very Walkable — Most errands can be accomplished on foot.
  • 50–69 Somewhat Walkable — Some errands can be accomplished on foot.
  • 25–49 Car-Dependent — Most errands require a car.
  • 0–24 Car-Dependent — Almost all errands require a car.
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