What’s up with the banner images anyway?

Currently, there are 10 banner images on A Strong TC set to rotate with each refresh. The plan is to add more as the campaign continues. The images are selected because they each represent a part of Traverse City that helps make it a great place to live. From time to time, I will use this blog to write about what they each represent.  To start:

The Commons


The spires of the Village at Grand Traverse Commons create Traverse City’s most unique skyline. This image was taken from a crane that lifted myself and the Commons’ patriarch Ray Minervini 100 feet into the air. It was for a story for the New York Times titled “From Ex-Mental Hospital to a New Mixed-Use Life” published back in 2010.

The Commons is one of the largest re-use projects in the country. As it evolves into the neighborhood Ray envisioned, it continues to represent an economic success story and model for the type of innovation and  development Traverse City needs.


Ray Minervini shooting for the sky

Innovative, thoughtful, and focused on a place where people want to linger.

The project’s uniqueness and the commitment to a clear vision are part of the reason it continued to have success during the recent recession. It has also benefited from appropriate tax incentives and as such represents a positive public/private partnership.

I marvel at the project every-time I visit as the scale of the Grand Traverse Commons is mind-boggling. A recent Record Eagle feature begins with numbers like the 320,700 square feet that has already been reconstructed and put into active use. And, the project is only a third of the way complete–so there is more to come. From the vantage point of a crane lifted into the sky, the sense of the scale and the beauty of the development is clear.

If the City continues to attract visionaries like the Minervini family we will continue towards becoming a strong, prosperous, Traverse City. 

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