The Trail Ahead

I’ve written about Traverse City and planning for nearly four years now. It’s been a critical practice and amazing learning opportunity. It’s also connected me to new friends and cohorts whom I otherwise might not have met. We are really blessed in this community with skills and resources.

This website, A Strong Traverse City, was created to continue that effort of connecting people and ideas as part of the campaign. I see value in having a candidate publicly explore the issues and attempt to communicate his or her perspectives. It’s also an opportunity to expand the discussion to include views and ideas I will undoubtedly hear on the campaign trail–plus, share a little bit of insight on what it’s like to run for local office.

I want to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to send a message. Let’s connect.

The intent here on the blog is to regularly post short pieces that:

  1. Provide examples of a strong Traverse City and where we can do better
  2. Seek input and opinion on critical issues of the City
  3. Tell the story of the campaign trail and share voter’s stories
  4. Post the occasional image, video, or, perhaps, a stray thought
  5. Share announcements from campaign headquarters

I suspect more discussion will also occur on Facebook and Twitter.

A final note, the website isn’t fully built out. New pages will be added as time permits. If you want to help out, let me know.

This is the start…What would you like to see discussed? 

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